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Recognising the need for dynamic pricing for mobile data, & the convergence of strategic planning & technical expertise.

image simple 2Informa Telecoms & Media are delivering a fresh set of two co-located events to address the growing need to price mobile data correctly and support new strategies with next generation business support systems (BSS) throughout the organisation. The co-location of the two conferences with separate conference programmes and a shared exhibition area represents the need for convergence of strategic plans and technical expertise.

The Pricing Mobile Data and Next Generation BSS conference programmes will address the complex challenges which operators face today in capitalising on consumers’ hunger for mobile data, demonstrating best practice of the latest trends and technologies utilised to seize the opportunities in a rapidly evolving market, on the brink of a new era for telecommunications with LTE.

Key themes which will be discussed in detail at the co-located events include:

  • Case studies of innovative pricing strategies and how they can be enabled through BSS expertise
  • Optimising pricing and BSS for 4G services / LTE
  • OTT strategies and partnerships; including the latest on pricing and charging through social networks
  • Multiple-device and shared data plans; their pricing strategies and BSS
  • Improving billing data capabilities to price data accurately, resulting in positive customer experience
  • Comparison of pricing and BSS evolution in mature and emerging markets
  • Showcase: What can you do with different BSS technologies?

Save the dates of October 9 and 10 in your diaries, to make the most of the timely Pricing Mobile Data and Next Generation BSS conferences in London. Get break-through global information and network with the key decision makers, exploring the impact of innovative solutions on mobile data monetisation.

Pricing Mobile Data Overview

Addressing the challenges of mobile data monetisation through innovative pricing strategies

Following the successful launch of the 2012 Pricing Mobile Data, the event this year will further explore operators’ innovative tactics, experiences across different regions and latest needs for a successful mobile data pricing strategy in a rapidly evolving market.

Perspectives from key players in the industry will be shared through practical case studies, successful examples, interactive sessions, thought-provoking keynotes and topical discussions – all focused on most effective pricing strategies for monetisation of mobile data as it remains at the centre stage.

The Pricing Mobile Data event will fully address the most relevant issues and a range of solutions, considering tested tactics and examples.

Next Generation BSS

Reinventing BSS for success in a data-driven world - Centralisation, consolidation, convergence

As a result of shifting from voice and SMS to data-centred mobile services, and in line with the fact that top-level pricing strategies cannot stand alone without fully functional BSS strategy and operations, Informa Telecoms & Media’s Software and Services team are delivering a fresh and specifically focused event on the latest trends in BSS strategies.

Moreover, the Pricing Mobile Data and Next Generation BSS events are co-located, taking place on the same dates and in the same venue, to facilitate this inevitable connection. Both events are created on extensive industry research, with the aim to address the latest challenges which the modern operator faces in implementing their mobile data pricing and BSS strategies in 2013 and onwards.

Next Generation BSS will focus on the relationship between strategic BSS plans which support modern pricing strategies, and how they can be carried out in practice on an operational level. This will include exploring the necessary changes and adoptions of new services in areas such as billing, connecting pricing charging and payments, policy and CEM. These topics will be examined within the context of supporting new business models, which shift from voice to data driven mobile services. Hear about best practice and how to monetise on necessary investments in new technologies at this event.

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OTT/ Operator Revenue Sharing Sponsor
Show how your solutions help operators to implement revenue sharing business models with OTT players. Demonstrate how they can monetise traffic on their networks and improve user experience for their customers by implementing sharing deals and charging models.

Round Table Discussions Sponsor
Round table discussions give you the time to work with delegates to break down key industry challenges, sharing your experience and advice in an interactive learning environment. Invite a wish-list of existing and potential customers to resolve industry obstacles with!

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Networking Café Sponsor
Take the centre stage in the Networking area by offering your hospitality and quality refreshments and coffees to all delegates and sponsors.

A good chance to learn how service providers are looking to price and package data and value added offerings

Richard Crowe, Director Marketing, Alcatel Lucent

Relevant and with very good discussions

Dr. Kim Larsen, SVP & Head of Technology Economics & Services, T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom

Great to see so many pricing professionals

Radoslaw Kenig, Pricing Manager, Orange Group

Good mix of operators and vendors views on mobile data pricing strategies

Ben Bannister, Product Marketing, MACH

Focused, aimed to add value!

Ahmed Saady Yaamin, Head of VAS, Data Service and mCommerce, Robi Axiata Ltd

"The event was extremely useful. Key industry analysts covered recent mobile data trends and pricing managers from leading operators shared in-depth information regarding their pricing considerations...”

Haim Rapoport, Head of Product Management & Marketing, Comverse

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